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Expressions Piano Studio was founded by Jaclyn Ogden who is licensed to teach the Simply Music Piano method.  Ms. Jaclyn has played the piano since the age of 8.  She completed 10 years of traditional lessons and continued to learn and take music classes in college and additional lessons/training throughout the years.  She has played the piano, organ and keyboards in churches since she was 12 years old and began accompanying her church choir at the age of 13.  She has taught traditional lessons in the past, but always felt there was something missing to the method. Then, she discovered the Simply Music Piano program.             

The piano is an instrument that so many are attracted to, but traditionally so few actually master.  Why is that?  One big reason for this is the method by which piano has traditionally been taught.  Did you know there are around 11 million unused pianos in American homes today?  So many start lessons, but drop out before they know enough to really play.   

At Expressions Piano Studio, we approach the learning process differently.  We do not start out note reading.  Rather, we immerse the student into actually playing the piano from their very 1st lesson.  We teach them songs using shapes, patterns, symbols and even the reading of chord charts.  They are not tied down to playing “baby” songs because of the difficulties of processing too much information at once.  We teach the student how to play the piano in a more natural way.  Just as babies and young toddlers learn to speak BEFORE they read, we teach the beginning piano student how to play the piano BEFORE we teach them to read the notes.  As we work through teaching foundational pieces, they are learning concepts that will unfold later which makes the learning process easy!

As for note reading, our students will learn to read musical notation and be able to play the traditional way…..we just delay the process as mentioned above so that it’s not such a difficult task.  

What the students really love about the Simply Music method is the fact that they are actually playing the piano and building a large repertoire of fun and exciting songs with a fullness and richness of sound rather quickly.  They can immediately show off to family and friends and feel good about themselves and their abilities.  Imagine your 6 year old playing the accompaniment to Amazing Grace with your church choir.  Or your beginner student learning to play the songs they hear on the radio within their 1st year of lessons.  And even writing songs….creating their own music!  

The Simply Music method isn’t new.  It’s been around for awhile with more than 700 teachers worldwide but it’s really taken off in recent years as people have begun to see the sort of results the method yields.  Traditional teachers that have taught for years with musical degrees have converted and even transferred their existing traditional students into the method.  It’s a very solid/complete program!  Really what I call a more relevant program to today’s piano playing…….producing a more well rounded musician.

Learning to playing the piano really can be easy!   Let us show you just how easy it can be.  We offer a FREE introductory session where we demo pieces the student will learn and answer any questions you may have.  While you’re here, be sure to visit our Videos Page to see a sampling of the types of music learned as well as testimonials from students, parents and teachers of the Simply Music Program..     

We look forward to teaching you and/or your child how to play the piano with expression and great ease!